Every home has its charm, that’s why we carefully select all furniture and accessories to highlight the uniqueness and prove its true potential.

Cristina Azevedo
“I’m Cristina Azevedo, the owner and lead consultant of List or Twist Home Staging.
During my journey, I gained many years of experience in software development and software testing, along with a few years in marketing and customer service. These career paths have enhanced my problem-solving skills and refined my ability to work with other teams, pay attention to details, and listen carefully to customer needs.
I’m passionate about everything related to interior design, and as a spiritual person, transforming spaces and changing people’s lives for the better is extremely valuable to me. We are internationally recognized, holding leading-edge USC™ Certification in Home Staging, Interior Decorating and Color Consulting and we will assist you to refresh and revive your home to live in or prepare it for sale, making it more attractive to buyers.”

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