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I could never imagine that my mom’s house could feel so cozy by decorating the space with her personal belongings. She is 80 years old, and everything she has is outdated. Cristina made her home look stunning, warm and modern without losing my mom’s spirit. It’s definitely a challenging task to pull off, but Cristina did an amazing job on a tight budget. Highly recommend it!”

By Hamzy Elahmar

Cristina is patient, friendly, organized and quick on her feet. She carefully went through everything I already have, listened attentively to my needs and came out with a gorgeous virtual plan design. Even with some unexpected changes on my budget, she delivered a beautiful layout. I’m very happy with the result.

By Ramy Elahmar

For a small budget and a very messy bedroom, I can say that Cristina did a miracle here. She knows exactly what to prioritize to make it look clean and updated. A fresh coat of paint in the right color palette, new hardware and a few decorations turned into a completely different ambiance.

By Satiko Ishii

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